A camera operator or camera person is an operator of a film or video camera. In full length features or movies, a camera operator can be called a cinematographer or DP (director of photographer), but not all camera operators are DPs.

A camera operator in a video production may be known as a television camera operator, video camera operator, or videographer, depending on the context and technology involved, and the size of the production, usually operating a professional video camera. On small film shoots a camera operator can also be the DP. (The word film is being used to describe film and video, today film encompasses both terms film and video, even thou film is not being used in the production.)

As a camera operator in video, prior to recording with the camera, you should always white balance the camera you needs to find a reference point which represents white. It will then calculate all the other colors based on this white value. Some other things you should do too your cameras even before you turn it on. Balance, eye level, pan handle, check lens, tension on the head.

Important things to do when shooting an interview, having to do with the camera, lights and sound. Key soft or hard, color temperature use two mic’s, and microphone placement, light placement, dos the subject wear eye glasses, what color of hair do they have and eye line.